poidh faq

UPDATE 4/28/2024: This page is an overview of poidh v1 found at https://poidh.xyz. poidh v2 is currently in alpha and running via https://degen.poidh.xyz. We expect poidh v2 beta to go live within the next few weeks, and the app will then replace v1 via https://poidh.xyz. Multichain options will also be available after the update (Arbitrum/Base/Degen Chain). poidh v1 will continue to be accessible via a new domain (https://classic.poidh.xyz). To learn more about poidh v2, we recommend https://github.com/picsoritdidnthappen/poidh-app/ or visiting our blog https://paragraph.xyz/@poidh

using the app

how does this all work?

what does a completed bounty look like?

You can see a completed bounty here: https://poidh.xyz/bounties/0. After a bounty is completed, the accepted submitting NFT address will receive bounty funds, and the address that created the bounty will receive the submitted NFT.

general faq

what is poidh?

poidh is a dapp that is meant to make creating and claiming onchain bounties easy and fun. You can read our full vision statement here.

who built poidh?

is the project audited?

This project has not completed a formal audit. Please keep this in mind when interacting with the app and understand that bounty funds may be at risk.

is the project open source?

Yes, you can find the GitHub repo here: https://github.com/kaspotz/pics-or-it

what is the poidh contract address?

how are images stored?

They are uploaded to IPFS via Pinata

do you charge a fee?

A 2.5% fee is collected by the app for completed bounties. There is also a suggested 5% royalty fee for resales of all poidh NFTs.

contact info

You can reach us on X @poidhxyz or via email at [email protected].